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Briefly. “Shooting the breeze”. The “practices” I use writing the code

Original in Russian: http://programmingmindstream.blogspot.ru/2014/12/blog-post_24.html
Practices” – what an abstruse word.


What I use is:

1. Inheritance
2. Virtual functions
3. Lambdas (when virtuality is not enough)
4. Pattern Publisher/Subscriber
5. Parameterized containers (Generic's or stl)
6. Interfaces
7. Mixins (when other practices are not enough)
8. The understanding of the fact that business logic SHOULD NOT depend on GUI

In general, that is ALL.
No “higher mathematics”.
Oh… Well, and also...

9. Pattern - Decorator

Why do I tell about all this?

For I’ve tried to persuade one person that my code is “as simple as ABC".

It is a code of a “craftsman” who knows three chords and plays on them.

No “higher mathematics”.

And yes, this is not a “thing to be proud of”.

I am just sharing.

Well, and also:

10. Tests. Just tests. "Always and everywhere".

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