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Lyrical digression

Original in Russian: http://18delphi.blogspot.ru/2013/04/blog-post_3754.html

Time and time again I’ve been thinking about what I could be if programming was out of question.

I found no answer.

I studied physics and mathematics, but that’s not my scene. Soul theorem and quantum physics alone are enough. I don’t understand a thing! Though, I had good teachers. Pavel Alexeevich Eminov - http://pm.miem.edu.ru/Pm/PEOPLE/eminov.htm lectured physics. But I am a poor student.

I went in for sports, various sports. I got top senior grade. I got candidate master degree in “mountaineering” (in fact, but not formally). To get it, I have to “go through the formalities” and I am not enthusiastic about it. Besides, is there a need?  I wouldn’t even mention aikido… I train with one of the best trainers in Russia. I visited a seminar in Rostov and I was said that “I could probably grow in two months with Vadim Ivanovich (http://www.aikidocenter.ru/)”. May be I am stupid… I really take sports irregularly but make honest efforts. I personally see no growth…

I tried to be a radio ham – “to solder so that it DOES NOT WORK”.

I tried to make something “with my hands”. I failed in everything except for “battering in a nail” and “drilling a hole”.

I tried to sew… Oh, what field equipment I made… Again – I failed. I had trouble with parallel stitches…

I cooked. What pemmican I made! :-)

Nowhere. NOWHERE I found either success or slightest achievements.

I was lucky to live in the age that gave birth the profession of programmer.

I made at least something in programming.

Probably, I would be able to dig ditches, though poorly, and I would be displeased.

Am I alone in my problem? I don’t think so…

What do you see yourself in the 19th century? Or in the Middle Ages?...

What is more – I thought several times that railway evolution in the 19th century is similar to computers and cosmonautics in the 20th and the Internet in the 21th century...

I would probably be a railway engineer… Sure, if I did not have to work “with my hands”.

And now – “at the end of my life” – time and time again I think about teaching. I want to share my IDEAS. They say to me – “you won’t do it, you’ll kill all the students”. People are right… :-)

Perhaps, I should write a book… About “Mixins, TDD and AOP and some Generic's" or “Programming of word processors and formats generator” (Actually, here the copyright is not mine).  To tell the truth, this blog is a “test of the pen”… If is is not interesting, and it is all clear here…

I am TERRIBLY satisfied with my work, but I am TERRIFIED to fancy what I would do if I didn’t have it. I am terrified to think about what if there were no such profession as a “programmer”.

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