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To be honest… Delphi for Android "evokes no enthusiasm "...

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To be honest… Delphi for Android "evokes no enthusiasm "...
To be honest... Delphi for Android “evokes no enthusiasm”... Yes, indeed...

As for our project, this eats up the memory of 1,5 Gb under compilation and fails with Internal Error.

[DCC Fatal Error] msShape.pas(387): F2084 Internal Error: GPFE06D7363-761F2F71-0

GPF is, OBVIOUSLY, General Protection Fault.

12k lines of the code and 1.5 Gb of the MEMORY. Isn’t it just too much?


Not to mention the fact that compilation slows down by 10-20 times compared to Windows.

Sure, we could post a bug in QC, but I really doubt that anybody anytime soon would at least glance at it.

On the contrary, the project is successfully built under Win-64. It can also be run from the command line, but under the debugger we have - Unable to create process.

Indeed so...

"Hello world" – is as far as we can go for now...

Actually, “single code base” seems to be a “marketeers’ idea”.

Note, that the project has been written FROM SCRATCH for STANDARD CONSTRUCTS.

The source code is here - https://bitbucket.org/ingword/mindstream/src/0745fccded2b070c03850e74c9d4644a680f1da1/?at=B-Samsung-Try

I can not get away from the strong feeling that I’ve been “deceived and cheated”.

I waved goodbye to JSON, and had all built successfully. I’ve never liked the word “JSON”. Any time I’ve dealt with it, it only caused a pain in the rear.

Finally, I have given a “bumper start” to the application.

Here is the photo:

Naturally, I have problems with lines as well as with clicks motility.

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  1. "compilation slows down by 10-20 times"
    Android compiler uses LLVM backend.

    1. I know it. But Win 64 compiler uses LLVM too. And it is much faster.

      And going far. xCode compiler for iOS and xOS uses LLVM too. And it is too much faster.

      It seems to me that problem is not in LLVM.