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#824. Take your mind off objects emulation and let’s get to the meta-model and code generation

Original in Russian: http://programmingmindstream.blogspot.ru/2015/08/blog-post_77.html

We will get back to object emulation, but in the meantime look here:


Let’s begin with a draft:

Test CodeGen
 // %SUMMARY is meta information that allows linking the documentation to the code elements.
//   Consequently, the documentation is available from the script engine.
 'That is where we test meta-model building, model building and then code generation.'
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
 'That is where we determine axiomatic of meta model and then extract it in a separate dictionary later.
StereotypeStereotypeProducer meta
 Base element of meta-model determined
 This is the element that allows us to pull the rest “by hair out of the swamp”
 Other primitives are derived from this one'
 ; // %SUMMARY 
; // meta
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
@SELF DumpElement
// - the CodeGen element and its contents are dumped in a standard output device.
//   We only do it to debug what we’ve written.
; // CodeGen

The next series is here – Description of the meta-meta-model.

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