вторник, 3 марта 2015 г.

Link. Hyperactive MVPs!


"I do not want to offend and may be my observations and impressions are wrong but still I would like to share.

For last several months, I have been noticing, increasing activity by so called Emb. MVPs in a way of more and more forceful highlighting of Emb (not Delphi). Sometime they publish selected parts of financial results, at other time they try and push their (MVPs) own posts and/or products, thinly disguised as good results of Emb. works. 

Well all the above is legit and they are well within rights at most of the times to post them provided they do not start acting as pests. Secondly, though I am not sure if Emb people advise MVPs or push them to publish the posts or if this activity is self driven but IMHO, such activities like Highlighting the strengths, achievements of Emb or even of Delphi should be targeted at proper audiences. IMHO, they need not necessarily pester us with that type of posts because even if we like or not, we are already tied with Delphi. Most of the members of this group are even senior to most of the MVPs and have been associated with Delphi for longer duration so why post waste your own time and make the group stale?

May be these MVPs can better use their time and effort at places like DelphiHater's blogs or maybe in forums frequented by more newbies or even generic programming/development forums which have more of non-Delphi professionals, so at least they would benefit Emb if they can win over even one non Delphi professional to this side!"

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