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GUI-testing 9. GUI-testing “in spoken style”. Introducing of the alphanumeric characters to the current control

Original in Russian: http://18delphi.blogspot.ru/2013/11/gui_2510.html

GUI-testing. Table of contents

There I have considered the possibility of inputting the string to the current controller and sending the command keys to the control.

Let’s consider one more word.

For introducing “alphanumeric” characters.

In Delphi it looks like this:

 TkwEmitString = class(TscriptKeyWord)
  {* Allows to input the string.
The example:
PROCEDURE "Input the string" STRING IN aString
 aString EmitString
END //" Input the string"
[code] }
 // realized methods
   procedure DoIt(aContext: TscriptContext); override;
procedure TkwEmitString.DoIt(aContext: TscriptContext);
 l_Index : Integer;
 l_C     : Integer;
 l_H     : THandle;
 l_S     : String;
 l_S := aContext.PopString;
 l_H := Windows.GetFocus;
 Assert(l_H <> 0);
 for l_Index := 1 to Length(l_S) do
  l_C := ORD(l_S[l_Index]);
  if (Windows.GetFocus <> l_H) then
  // - in some cases (for example, under debugger) focus “runs away” from control – that is why here patch is added
  SendMessage(l_H, WM_CHAR, l_C, 0);
 end;//for l_Index
 ScriptEngine.RegisterKeyWord(TkwEmitString, 'EmitString');

The example of using:

'Hello, world!' EmitString

And the “auxiliary” word:

PROCEDURE "Input the string" STRING IN aString
 aString EmitString
END //" Input the string"

Then the example is rewritten in this way:

"Input the string {('Hello, world!')}"

Taking into account the remark (http://18delphi.blogspot.ru/2013/11/gui_1949.html .) in this way:

'Hello, world!' "Input the string"

I think we’ll close here for now.

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