четверг, 19 марта 2015 г.

Launch on the emulator

  1. We download Android SDK if it was not installed along with Rad Studio
  2. We launch AVD Manager

3. We create a device

We have to define using of GPU and exclude SnapShot. Otherwise, it hangs and slows down. Perhaps, I’ve got butterfingers.

Anyway, at these settings, the emulator does slows down but it works.

After pressing ОК.

4. We launch the emulator

We press Launch

We can see the launch window

5. While the emulator is being launched (at my PC it takes about 3 to 7 minutes; AMD 8x3,5 Mhz. 8 gb DDR3.), we launch Rad Studio

After launching the emulator, we can see the following window:

7. We select the Android platform, and, in our case, Target is MyDevice7

8. We do Build
It ate up about 800 Mb and took about 6 minutes.

9. We launch and catch

First chance exception at $B6F34CE2. Exception class Illegal instruction (4). Process MindStream.apk (1433)

We press OK and wait.

The result:

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