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Link. Using the static analysis FixInsight to improve the code quality on Delphi

Original in Russian: http://programmingmindstream.blogspot.ru/2015/07/fixinsight-delphi.html

Video in Russian.

Deserves high appreciation.

“Two cents” from me -  A sort of hungarian notation. Some more rinky-dink staff. 

By the way, Roman is mistaken as for interfaces and GUID.

If an interface does not have GUID, then Supports will not be compiled.

They’ll say:

"Interface has no GUID".

There are bigger problems with Supports:

Again about Supports
Wide use of interfaces “in general” and InterlockedIncrement/InterlockedDecrement in particular…
Follow-up on “peculiarities of Supports"
Briefly. Peculiarities of Supports

IfDef _FIXINSIGHT_ is not clear as well. Who defines the symbol? Can we forget to define this symbol and break the project?

It is also funny to hear about 50 or 60 "forms" or "units".

How about some (dozens, hundreds) thousands?

Can we use a command-line utility and run a “megaproject” for Delphi7?

Seems quite possible.

Where can we get it? :-)

"It does not exclude from compilation" – that is a GOOD QUESTION. Actually, YES, it EXCLUDES.

It seems there is a confusion about IfDef and IfNDef.

Actually - YES. Confusion. The explanation follows.

It also depresses me that the analysis covers only the files DIRECTLY added to the project.

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