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#819. Table of contents. English

Instead of greetings…

Link. Using the static analysis FixInsight to improve the code quality on Delphi

Briefly. I exported the dictionaries
Briefly. I made type-checking for array elements
Briefly. I finished words redefining

Follow up to “peculiarities of Supports"
Again about Supports
Briefly. Peculiarities of Supports

ToDo. Write about arrays, lists and iterators
Briefly. I made axiomatic description partly on Delphi, partly on scripts
Scripts, iterators and exception handling (draft)
Wide use of interfaces “in general” and InterlockedIncrement/InterlockedDecrement in particular...
A sort of "hungarian notation". Some more trivial staff
Classes, factories and interfaces
ToDo. Interfaces with partial implementation in the model

Some more about scripts

Briefly. Wonder of words redefining

ToDo. Changing text EVD parsing to parsing of special axiomatic scripts

How to test the "totally untestable"
How to test “untestable” applications

About RS, time pressure and forgetting
How to keep labor productivity up and not to lose self-respect
Briefly. “Shooting the breeze”. The “practices” I use writing the code

Testing of calculator. Table of contents
Testing of calculator №0. The beginning
Testing of calculator №1. Configuring of infrastructure. Adding of DUnit
Testing of calculator №2. Adding of business-logic test using visual controls
Testing of calculator №3. Expanding of test coverage
Testing of calculator №4. Changing of application’s architecture
Testing of calculator №5. Testing through “new architecture”
Testing of calculator №6.1. Testing using etalons
Testing of calculator №6.2. Testing using pseudo-random data
Testing of calculator №6.2.1. Applying of “classical TDD”
Testing of calculator №6.2.2. Processing of false data and boundary conditions
Testing of calculator №7. Comparing of floating-point numbers. Details about tests architecture

GUI-testing. Table of contents
GUI-testing 1. About tests and specially fitted “checkpoints”
GUI-testing 2. Thinking of testing
GUI-testing 3. Thinking of testing №2
GUI-testing 4. Thinking of testing №3
GUI-testing 5. Thinking of testing №4
GUI-testing 6. Thinking of testing №5
GUI-testing 7. Briefly. About GUI-testing “in the spoken style”
GUI-testing 8. About GUI-testing “in spoken style”. The follow-up
GUI-testing 9. GUI-testing “in spoken style”. Introducing of the alphanumeric characters to the current control
GUI-testing 10. GUI-testing “in the spoken style”. Note about “how this thing is organized”
GUI-testing 11. GUI-testing "in the spoken style". How this thing is organised №2
GUI-testing 12. GUI-testing "in the spoken style". Back to the basics
GUI-testing 13. GUI-testing “in spoken style". Back to the basics. Example of pressing the button of the form through the script
GUI-testing 14. GUI-testing “in the Russian style”. Adding DUnit to our “scripts”

What else I want to tell about TDD (not finished)
Once again about "testing levels"

About containers. Table of contents
Containers 1. Implementation of reference counting
Containers 2. My own implementation of IUnknown and reference counting. And mixins
Containers 3. Generics and without Generics...
Containers 4. Encapsulation of the work with the memory. Part 0
Containers 5. Encapsulation of the work with the memory. Part 1
Containers 6. Abstract containers
Containers 7. Abstract containers. Part 2
Containers 8. Deriving of specific atomic containers from abstract ones
Containers 9. Special containers. Part 2
Containers 10. About patterns and mixins
Containers 11. A little about using DUnit
Containers 12. DUnit patterns and tests

MindStream. How we develop software for FireMonkey. Table of contents
MindStream. How we develop software for FireMonkey
MindStream. How we develop software for FireMonkey. Part 2
MindStream. How we develop software for FireMonkey. Part 3. Firemonkey + DUnit
Link. Firemonkey + DUnit
MindStream. How we develop software for FireMonkey. Part 3.1. Inspired by GUIRunner
MindStream. How we develop software for FireMonkey. Part 4. Serialization
MindStream. Part 5. Testing

Another our screenshot
Some screenshot of our application

Briefly. Weak reference to interface

Briefly. About “partially initialized objects” (or again about factories)
Briefly. About constructors
Briefly. Again about factories
Briefly. About factories
Briefly. About triggering the exceptions

Briefly. About “reverse stability”

Briefly. Some more "reasoning about RAII"

Link. Why UML (for Delphi users)

Objective-C and Delphi

How to find out the true size of the memory allocated for by GetMem

Launch on the emulator
How I built friendship between Delphi XE7 with Samsung devices

About "refactoring"

Link. Threaded code

Link. If there were an automatic memory manager (i.e. a garbage collector) for the version of Delphi you currently use what would you be willing to pay for it?

Offtopic. Briefly. About similarities
They ask me…
Two quotes…

Briefly. Again about dependency inversion
Briefly. Shooting the breeze. Dependency inversion

Today it seemed to me I found an error in Delphi XE memory manager

Why I pay so much attention to mixins and tests

Lyrical digression
Depression, or Falsity of hResult and other ErrorCode’s

To be honest… Delphi for Android "evokes no enthusiasm "...

Link. Anonymous Methods and Captures in VCL

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